MPLAB-X, finalmente a Microchip Multiplataforma!

A Microchip está desenvolvendo o MPLAB-X, que provavelmente irá substituir nosso velho conhecido MPLAB. O MPLAB-X já está na Beta 4, contudo só tem suporte às gravadoras mais recentes como a PicKit3 e a ICD3, no forum da Microchip os desenvolvedores já se pronunciaram e teremos suporte à pickit 2 em breve...

A seguir algumas características do MPLAB-X
1- O X não é a toa, o MPLAB-X roda em Linux, Windows e Mac OS;
2- A IDE é uma versão customizada do Netbeans, assim temos autocomplementação de código e outras funcionalidade inerentes ao Netbeans.

MPLAB X IDE Features Supported
Features Supported
Features Supported
Flash Memory view
Hex file generation
Data Memory view
Upload Silicon image
SFR/Peripheral view
Memory Usage
Core registers
Resource Usage
Watch window
Freeze Peripherals
Locals view
Library projects (Ex Hi-Tech)
Logging for diagnosis
Basic Debug
Zip Projects
Software Breakpoints
Simple/Advanced Breakpoints
Software Call Stack (compilers that support it)
Drag n Drop to watch window
Status bar information
Pre-Built (Hex) projects (import hex)
Simulators CORE only
Build Options for individual files
Create/Open new Project
Export hex
Call Graph
Device Debug Headers for REAL ICE, ICD3 and PICkit3
Import Legacy projects
Disassembly for Debugging
Auto discovery of compilers
Multiple hex files bootloader/application model
Generic header files in pre-parser
Stop Watch support
Run production image
Import data to memory views
Program Production image
Multiple Configurations
Reset at Main()
Free RTOS viewer
DMCI with static array plots

MPLAB X IDE Features Unsupported
Known Unsupported Features
Known Unsupported Features
Shadow registers
Tool status
Hardware Call Stack
Simulator Peripherals
Watch color on changed values
No Run time watch or Data Capture
Auto-install of compilers
PICC18 Standard
Auto driver switching for tools
Multiple debug sessions
No Debug headers for ICD2
No Trace of any sort
64 bit JVM and XP64 drivers on Windows OS
Pre-post build steps from GUI (available throughmakefiles)
No MPASM on Mac
Many RTOS viewers
Limited ASM syntax and editor support features
no/cond :- This needs a new version of MPASM assembler
Full DMCI live update support
PIC18FJ46J50, PIC18FJ67J50 and memory starter kits 
PICkit 3 Programmer to Go
Code Coverage
Filter Trace
Code Guard support
Debug Read for refresh and no reset
Open Source Community Plugins
Linux 64 bit support
16 bit instructions on the PIC32 Simulator


O que posso dizer, MPLAB finalmente com supporte ao Linux!
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