Pinguino32X minimum - REV4

Pinguino32X minimum REV4 - IO PIN Mapping
- I made a mistake on PROG/USER buttons positions, swapped
- Added PWM pins
- Added voltage pin legend


Library for ITDB02 2.4" 8bits BUS with ILI9325 controller for Pinguino32X

Henning Karlsen made a very nice Arduino Library for ITDB02 displays
I ported it to Pinguino32X(PIC32)

I made some changes and implemented a "High Speed mode"
Original Arduino takes 135 seconds on run Landscape Demo
Ported Pinguino32X takes 75 seconds on same task
Ported Pinguino32X with High Speed patch takes 25 seconds only! nice not?

Original Arduino library by Henning Karlsen

We can find a ITDB02 2.4" display at: http://iteadstudio.com/store/
This has touch screen and a SD card slot too, next ports!