Newsmy, Newpad T7 rooted ROM, rev2

Phone mode and Tablet mode!
I made some adds to ROM, and a new ROM with phone mode, that have better fonts, but not have bottom bar, instead you can use buttons, VOL+ and VOL- as HOME and SWITCH_APP ...

Download here:
Tablet mode rooted_unofficial.tar.bz2
Phone mode (better fonts) rooted_unofficialv2.tar.bz2
Software/Drivers win32soft.tar.bz2

How to upgrade:
1- Turn off you tablet
2- Open RKBatchTool.exe
3- Connect USB cable (needs win32 drivers, included)
4- Hold MENU and press POWER
5- On RKBatchTool, you can see a green icon if your tablet was detected
6- Open ROM .img file and use RESTORE button to burn

REMEMBER, Full Battery!
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