NSP2 para Maemo 4.1

Eis mais um software de matemática para o Maemo.
Nsp is a GPL Scientific Software Package.
* It is based on a complete new rewrite of ScilabGtk
* The interpreter is written in C and objects with an internal class system.
* Gtk toolkit can be used from Nsp through a set of generared wrappers. The language bindings and class for Nsp are generated, the generator being based on the pygtk generator for python.
* It is modular (modular interpreter design, possible dynamic link of internal and external libraries).
* It should compile on Linux, MacOSX-X11-Fink, Windows-Cygwin, Windows-Mingwin native Win32.
* A source version is available under CVS. Archive tarball, Fedora rpms, Debian package and win32 installer will be also provided.
* It is a GPL software.

O mais trabalhoso foi resolver um bug com a libreadline e depois usar um qemu-arm com patchs para poder compilar até o final.

Em breve disponibilizarei o pacote .deb para o Maemo.!

fontes no site: http://cermics.enpc.fr/~jpc/nsp-tiddly/mine.html
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